Growing Up Caring

Growing Up Caring coverGrowing Up Caring

Submitter: I found this little gem in the mountain of textbooks that have been left in the library.  I’m really hoping that no one uses this book for class; it’s old enough that it could have been used in MY junior high class.

Holly: I was in tenth grade in 1990, so there’s a fair chance it WAS used in my tenth grade health class! The advice isn’t bad, just outdated.  It is so important that kids relate to this kind of material, but they’ll be too busy gawking at the hair styles and outfits to pay attention to the good advice.

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Growing Up Caring Introduction


sexual identity

Decisions in marriage

Can we afford this?


  1. What a luxury it seems for a newlywed couple to be able to decide who works, rather than there being an automatic necessity!

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