Ground Beef Goodness

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The Sunset Ground Beef Cook Book
Recipes for all occasions

Who knew that ground beef was so versatile?

I am sure many of you will want to check for this book in your own catalogs so you can enjoy these fabulous recipes. There really isn’t anything particularly exciting: every thing is based on the form. You decide if you want your ground beef in balls, loaf, or patties.

If you scroll down, you can see that these publishers desecrated a poor pumpkin with some ground beef. I am a big fan of squash, but just no to the pumpkin vomiting a beef filling.

Of course we also have black and white photography which hardly enhances the look of the meatloaf and hamburgers. There is a whole lot of awful in this cookbook. Weed and don’t look back!


beef patties

meat balls

meat loaves


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  1. The Dutch have a tradition (as told to me when I lived in the Netherlands – so take this for what you will) that Wednesday is ground meat day because the butchers would have a discount on ground meats on Tuesday (or Wednesday). I have a Dutch cookbook that is essentially entitled “Wednesday is Ground Day” full of recipes that are similar to what is presented here.

  2. The last page shown features a raw ground beef loaf appetizer. Beyond everything else, this seems weed-worthy for encouraging consumption of raw ground beef…

    1. First of all, I work with food safety, and we cannot encourage consumption of raw ground beef. Having said that, there are a lot of high-end restaurants where steak tartare (raw ground beef) is on the menu. I wouldn’t eat it, but many people think it’s wonderful — including at least one co-worker.

  3. Every hunger pang, every meal is a nail and ground beef is the hammer.
    …especially for those vegetarian nails that come in the form of pumpkin.

    Streetfighter: Pumpkin Spice VS. Ground Beef: FIGHT!

  4. First page… Brazil nuts in burgers? WTF? Besides being WTF, aren’t they the most expensive nuts?

    The pumpkin filled with ground beef is truly vomitous. I read the ingredients and it’s even more so, plus you have to hollow out a pumpkin before cooking. No thanks.

    Last page – “they’re made from ground beef”. No duh?

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