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Women’s Day 101 Sweaters You Can Knit and Crochet
Saunders, editor

Another favorite from the craft section for all the yarn fans out there. This book has everything: sweaters, vests, capes, ponchos, and some weird fluffy number (see the last picture below). The cat is not included.

I could see some of these styles for the women coming back, however the men’s fashion choices, should die and never be resurrected. Take a look at the first three pictures below. The third picture is particularly awful with what looks like an arrow pointing south.

I will say that each one of the pictures really does showcase the early 1970s style. I think several of these examples must of come out of my teenage closet.

Happy knitting!


school sweaters

mens' sweaters

dare to be bare


  1. That last picture (with the cat) reminds me of the Rum Tum Tugger costume from the musical CATS. And what is up with the woman in picture 5? Her face and one hand seem to have been badly sunburned (or she had an accident with the hair dye, as her hair is the same color!). All in all, she looks like an extra from Star Trek: TOS.

  2. I like how the girl in the green cardy manages to have red hair, a red face and red eyeballs. You don’t see that combination often!

  3. I’ve never really understood the short sleeved sweater. Regular sweaters are all “my upper body is cold.” Sweater vests are all “I want to keep my core body temperature up” or “I don’t want to close my jacket.” But short sleeves? “Hey, my torso and the upper part of my arm were cold, but nowhere else”?

    1. I’m one of those people that likes short sleeved sweaters! I hate long sleeves, but sometimes I want a heavier weight top and I love short sleeved sweaters for that. They’re really hard to find, too.

  4. That girl in the pic with the 2 guys can’t look at either of them but even the man in the basketweave sweater and picnic tablecloth buttondown is laughing at the one in the green sweater with the stupid buttons and scarf. No amount of casual stump leaning can make that hot mess look cool.

  5. Oh good Lord. What up with all the lime green? And who wears itchy woolen polo shirts?

    1. Cashmere and some merino yarns aren’t scratchy, and we even had acrylic yarns in the 70s. A few years ago at some designer brands, knit polos were au courant again. The basketweave crewneck is also fairly up-to-date, although new ones would likely be cotton or cotton-blend.

  6. Ew. More proof that the Seventies was where good taste – and any sense of color coordination – went to die.

  7. Picture 6: Shooting pictures of green trimmed sweaters in front of an identical green background makes an amusing illusion of floating body parts when I remove my glasses.

  8. Good heavens, I wore all those short and sleeveless styles in the 70’s. If they were popular then – I surely don’t need to wear them again!! Those colors were the coolest and the sleeveless and halter tops were so daring – no bras!! Pitch that book quick, nostalgia isn’t all it’s cut out to be 🙂

  9. is that knitted spaghetti in the last pix? the basket weave sweater is cool on a guy, just not in yellow. the rest of the patterns should FOADIAF!

  10. The guy in the top photo, in the green sweater, reminds me of a young Murray Head. Murray Head would totally rock that sweater. That photo could be a sweater-themed Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

  11. We had this book growing up! I bet my mom still has it. I loved to look through all the craft books and magazines, and I particularly liked the lady with the cat and the cover photo.

  12. There appears to be a stain just under the arrow point on that white sweater — not very appealing.

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