Groovy STDs

VD book cover


I think that we had this book on our site once upon a time. It probably bit the dust on one of our many migrations. Anyway, I am re-introducing it to the ALB lineup because it is a textbook weeder and it is still in a public library collection as of this writing.

  • Outdated medical information (1978 Really?)
  • Out of date jargon (they are STDs or STIs nowadays)
  • No mention of other diseases: HIV, Chlamydia, Herpes, etc
  • Overly groovy cover for teens in 2021.

I understand that not everyone can get to every library book that needs to to go. However, you can prioritize sections that are the most vulnerable to the ravages of time. Definitely medical topics are questionable after 5 years or so. In this case, I think we can all agree that medical books over the age of 40 can probably be weeded.

Holly and I often recommend hanging on to some serious examples of books to help educate people about weeding or deselection. (But don’t keep them in the collection! Hang on to them behind the scenes.) This one qualifies.


Back cover

inside flaps

The "crisis"


syphilis rash

operation venus


  1. When the teens’ grandparents read this, yeah. Gone.

    Nowadays, advise to get your Gardasil shot and if there’s a penis involved, keep it wrapped up.

  2. When I was a junior in high school in June of 1996 my grandfather suddenly and unexpectedly died and we had to rush up to rural northern Maine for the funeral, as I was preparing for finals at this time I had to complete a bunch of my work while there for the funeral, one of which was my final report for my health class which had to be on a randomly assigned STD (even by 1996 they were STD’s), I forget now what mine was. We went to the tiny public library in town and the librarian was SCANDALIZED that I would have to write a report about such a taboo subject but she begrudgingly went to the back room where she did not allow anyone else to go, dusted off a few volumes and let me get to work. I SWEAR this was one of the books I had to write my report using information which was extremely outdated nearly 30 years ago.

  3. Unrelated to book or subject, the woman on page 77 (not typing her name in case she is still alive and doesn’t want to be ambushed by this) looks like she was wearing a mask but took it off to use the phone.

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