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husband is your lover

How To Make Your Husband Your Lover

Everyone remember this author’s other book about making a woman your mistress? Our author is back to instruct the ladies on making your man a better lover. Featured suggestions include massage, bathing together, sex positions, and being open to more experimentation. Not bad advice, necessarily.

Both of Bird’s books are part of the trend of sex manuals and information that were published in the 1970s. The notable titles of the time were Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex, But Were Afraid to Ask (1969), the Joy of Sex (1972), The Sensuous Man (1971) and the Sensuous Woman (1969). If you want to read more about the 1970s and sex instruction take a look at this article from Jstor’s blog which also links to an interesting academic article on this subject.

For a modern public library, these are not really appropriate for the average patron. They are interesting though, and deserve space in deeper collections on sex and culture.

So go forth and get your sexual groove going,


inside flaps of husband as your lover

That phallic Ego

rub a dub dub, one man in the tub

His other world


  1. “The Birds live with their nine children…” Sounds like they practiced what they preached, then! Good for them.

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