Groovy Pilgrims

thanksgiving crafts and cookbook cover

Thanksgiving Crafts and Cookbook

Just in case you have no ideas what to do this Thanksgiving holiday, this book is for you. The illustrations are just outrageous. That groovy doe-eyed look on everyone from Pilgrims to the modern people is just….weird. Think of these as a pencil version of a Peter Max wannabe.  I think I will stick to my traditions of the Lions losing and marathon Hallmark Channel movies.




the first thanksgiving

thanksgiving collage

thanksgiving puppets


thanksgiving memory game


  1. Just last night (really) I asked the librarian if it was time to put the Thanksgiving books on display. She said yes, but first she had to check which nonfiction ones were offensive, with particular reference to “dressing up as Indians”.

    It’s easier for adults: Thanksgiving is when you eat too much, and watch football.

    1. Yes… not sure if we should be encouraging the family to be running around in loincloths this holiday.

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