Groovy Mental Health for the Holidays

group therapy

Inside Groups:  A Practical Guide to Encounter Groups and Group Therapy

I would imagine many of you are taking a moment or two in the holiday madness to contemplate family, friends and the meaning of life.  If not, I am sure many of you are entertaining or are being “entertained” by relatives that defy explanation.  (I know my Swedish relatives would insist this is why the drink Glugg is served at Christmas and my Irish family insists on beer and whiskey.  Alcohol=tolerable family gatherings.)  What you really need is group support and therapy.  So here is your book.

Gotta say, I love this title!  I swear I haven’t heard the term encounter group since the early 70’s.  You youngsters will appreciate the hip 70’s lingo and the groove that just oozes from this book.  Baby Boomer librarians will no doubt remember many of the terms floating freely in this book:

Consciousness raising
Human Potential Movement
Transactional Analysis

Stay Groovy!


P.S.  Almost forgot to include the super groovy back cover.  Btw, his shirt is not “dirty” that is just crud on the book.  Love the jacket!

author photo


  1. He reminds me of a professor I had in 1979. Hair and beard and turtleneck. This is the kind of book that Dr. M– would have had, too.

    1. Me too. Kept asking the students if they were “okay” . I’m okay your’e okay was required reading.

  2. I can’t see the word “Groovy” without thinking of Bruce Campbell. I wonder if Deadites could just do with some group therapy….

  3. Eeeeeeeeek! That looks like a curtain/tablecloath he’s wearing! It’s about as thin and wrumpled as one too!

  4. Just what I need a few hours before I’ll be confronted to my in-laws for a Xmas dinner with their extended family… ! Reminds me to stay grooooooovy to the end…

    Cheers Mary, and merry christmas to everyone !

  5. @Cliff : I do.

    It’s rather fashionable to wear this kind of old clothes today, but you’d rather wear at least a modern pullover underneath – and don’t have such a beard !

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