Groovy Men’s Wear to Sew

Men's Wear - cover

It’s easy to sew Men’s Wear

It was the cover of this book that got me laughing. The styles! These guys look like they are headed out to some neighborhood swinging cocktail party for a key exchange. Maybe it is the porn stache on the guy with the red shirt and super wide tie. I also like the guy with the striped bellbottoms in the picture below. Everyone looks so groovy. Fashion retrospective not withstanding, I would imagine the techniques are sound, maybe put this gem in costuming for all those kids who want to dress up as swingers for Halloween?


Men's Wear - back cover

Men's Wear - shirts

Men's Wear - slacks

Men's Wear - bell bottoms


  1. I wonder what the fellow with the pipe on page 29 is looking at along with the little Mini Me in the dark shirt. (I also note with horror that on the back cover a book about sewing your own swimwear was published.)

  2. I am not only guilty of (back in the day) making wide ties for Christmas gifts, but making a snappy golden brown double-breasted jacket for my husband. AND Christina, I even made myself a red bikini! However, that book is now sadly out of date. Maybe I should get rid of those patterns now, too.

  3. As someone who sews, I’ve always wondered if it’s possible to make a book on clothing construction that isn’t going to become totally dated in ten years. It seems like even if you go totally classic with the clothes you show, you’re still going to have those little details that immediately brand an article of clothing as being from X Decade.

    1. But a little adjustment here and there and you could use those dated fashions for cosplay.

      I want to do a genderbent Carl Kolchak (Kolchak The Night Stalker) cosplay myself. Which means I either need to find a pattern for his suit but make the pants a skirt, or find a suit (or two) like his in a thrift store so my friend can alter it.

      I think the hat is going to be the biggest problem though.

  4. Man, now I want to see if It’s Easy To Sew Lingerie has how to make bra cups for, er, “larger” women. Having to pay $70+ for a new brassiere is just criminal.

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