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Groom to Groom
A Complete Wedding Guide for the Groom

For all the guys getting married, here is your how-to manual. I didn’t see a whole lot of “groom specific” information. It actually reads like any other bridal/wedding planning book, except much more condensed. Think of this book as the minimum amount of knowledge required to have a wedding and reception.

Props to this book for also addressing potential issues for couples such as budgets and marriage readiness. I actually think this might be a good candidate for an update, but they should change the title and get some serious book design. (Check out the discussion of bridal gown prices in the 4th image.)

I got married in 1982, so this book is for my generation. At a minimum, invitations were to be engraved, gift registries were for china and silver only, and and weddings are in churches only.  My husband’s cousin had an outdoor wedding picnic in the mid 1980s, and I believe several of the old guard nearly had a coronary for going off book of a traditional Irish-Catholic wedding. This book wouldn’t have been able to even conceive of a wedding like today’s modern couples.

Weed this one with gusto, as there is very little that applies to the weddings of today.


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  1. …Not to mention some people are nonbinary, and thus will be neither a bride nor a groom!

  2. I already had china and silver (Grandma’s), so my gift registries were for household items, mostly kitchen stuff.

    We got 2 hand mixers, but no toaster! A trade was made.

    We really appreciated the grocery store gift certificates, and the money tree that had actual money tied onto it.

    So many thank you notes to write…

    1. Thomas M. Piljac also wrote (with his wife?) Mackinac Island: Historic Frontier, Vacation Resort, Timeless Wonderland; how come he didn’t consult her and cowrite this book with her? If it’s for grooms first why is he telling the bride to be to get tested for purity? But he needs to get tested too; as long as they’ve waited until their wedding night. But hasn’t HIV/AIDS taught us nothing about responsibility? This writer has some unexamined thoughts and presumptions.

      Thank you ALB! I’m getting the knack for avoiding wasting my time on books that should have remained unpublished ideas in the library of dreams.

    2. It seems he married his whole team: polyamory to polygamy; not permitted in most religions but accepted in American sports franchises?

  3. I was shocked by the bride paying for her “physical examination and blood test” – in the 1980s! Was the blood test still a syphilis thing? (though at that date you’d think HIV would be a more important concern). And what was the physical examination for? Did the groom have one too?

    1. It might relate to consanguinity. Cousins meet, fall in love, but can’t make their love legal because of consanguinity they never knew; that’s some hostile passive-aggressive family dynamics.

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