Great Men of India

Great Men of India coverGreat Men of India, Including Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi

Submitter: I work at an international school library in India, and the collection development philosophy in the India section seemed to be: “Never throw anything away. Ever.” The dusty, damaged, and out of date outnumber the relevant, unfortunately, so I’ve decided it’s time to take a deep breath and dive in. These are just some of today’s treasures, including my favorite of the day: Great Men of India, Including Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi […]. It’s not the oldest, or most inaccurate, or even the most damaged. I’m just amazed that in 1985 people thought that “men” was a non-gender-specific term.

Holly: They even put a woman on the cover and in the subtitle! They couldn’t just say “Great People of India”? If this isn’t the most damaged, then I’d hate to see the rest of the collection.


  1. That book about Illinois governors from months ago, “Mostly Good and Competent”, was originally “Mostly Good and Competent Men”. At some point the State elected a woman and the following editions were retitled.

    For this one, the cover art style makes it harder than easier to recognize the “Great Men” they write of.

  2. Indian culture still includes honor killings, and rape is rarely seen as a crime perpetrated by men–women are at fault when they are raped. I am not surprised by the title of this book, only still amazed that Indira Gandhi was the country’s leader at all.

  3. “Great Men … including Indira Gandhi”: I work in a medical research facility and I’ve seen phrases in journals like “ the menstrual cycle in man”. If “man” were (still) gender-neutral, that would in fact be correct, but it’s lost that connotation and now “menstruation in man” sounds (to say the least) weird

      1. That’s the way it is? There’s no huge backlog? I’ll see if I can fish out pictures I took many years ago now in my County’s central library.

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