Grassroots Fundraising

Grass Roots Fundraising cover

The Grass Roots Fundraising Book: How to Raise Money in Your Community
Flanagan for The Youth Project

Submitter: Submitting this 1977 book on fundraising. Most of the data, addresses, and dollar values are out of date and the entire book is dry and brittle – not to mention it lacks contemporary fundraising resources like GoFundMe and others help make this an easy weed.

Holly: Oh good, a double-whammy of outdated and falling apart. Perfect for our current COVID-19 times, where every non-profit in town is desperately fundraising.



The Youth Project

How to conquer fear

Where to get advice


  1. Considering the youth of this time might now be raising money for their grandyouth, nope.

    This should have been weeded by 1990 at least, and certainly as soon as it got all crunchy.

    The only good thing about this pandemic is that there aren’t door-to-door solicitors. More phone calls, though.

  2. Last paragraph of “How to Conquer Fear”: took me a silly long time reading the page to realize there was no metaphorical bear to conquer, it was a misprint of “fear”.

    1. No, they are using “beat[ing] up a bear” as a metaphor for tackling a daunting task. The bigger the bear, the more difficult the task

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