Grandma’s Teen Driving Handbook

Driving: How to get a license and keep itDriving
How to Get a License (and Keep It!)

I always use a good rule of thumb is that if it could have been in my high school library’s collection, it is probably too old for a modern teen collection. (For those keeping score, I graduated in the late 70s.) Seat belts only became mandatory for manufacturing in 1968.  How about other changes in safety? How about cell phones? Speed limits? Unleaded gasoline?

As the auto engineer husband would say, “safety is not a joke”.


Franklin Watts Concise Guides

Driving test

Getting pulled over by police

Drivers License Information Chart


  1. I’m not sure if this more up to date than my driver’s ed class from the early 90s. We had a list of 21 steps for starting, driving, and leaving the car, which included “push starter.”

    I lost points on the test for forgetting to remove my foot from the brake before exiting the car. Pretty sure I’m incapable of leaving body parts behind.

    1. “Push starter” — isn’t that what you do in a Prius now? On the chart, I love that they felt they had to abbreviate only “MASS.” and “DIST. OF COL.” — I couldn’t even figure out what that was at first.

  2. Nothing about GDL, I’m sure. That you could get a license in Mississippi at fifteen and a learner’s permit in Iowa at 14 is a little scary to me.

    An aside, why did the publisher include with very practical titles like this one and venereal disease (!) a book on astrology?

  3. A lot sure has changed since 1974, the year I was born. We weren’t even required by law to wear a seat belt until 1990. And it’s scary how many people drive like lunatics after they get their license. I don’t drive.

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