Grandma Goes Online

Grandma Online coverGrandma Online: A Grandmother’s Guide to the Internet

Submitter: It’s a pretty tacky title (at least any more) and I got a laugh at some of the content:
1) www.AnySwingGoes – though it’s about dancing, at initial glance, it could have another connotation.
2) I suppose Granny isn’t too old for Amusement Parks
3) Grandma Games just doesn’t sound right.

Found at a university library.

Holly: Of course they go straight for Bingo in the games section. Grandmas like Farmville and Candy Crush too! Oh wait, they weren’t a thing in 2001.


Grandma Swings

Grandma Online excerpt


  1. Are there any grandmothers who actually like to be called grandma? It sounds so much the old-fashioned stereotype of a little old lady in a rocking chair. My mom’s a grandmother and she’s out taking Tai chi lessons. 🙂

    1. My parents used “grand mother/father” for one set and “grand ma/pa” for the other. We never got mixed up in a conversation if they were all being talked about at once.

      1. We tried to do that but kept mixing up who was who. So we used last names, too.

  2. Copyright 2001? This book needs the “link test”…probably half of the websites aren’t live anymore.

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