Grab a Dummy!

Fun with Ventriloquism cover

Fun With Ventriloquism
Van Rensselaer

As a kid, I thought ventriloquism was kind of cool and do remember Edgar Bergen and Shari Lewis. In 1968, I would have been all over this book (if the puppets weren’t too creepy). This particular book probably hadn’t seen much action since the catalog was automated.

So, break out the dummy and head to the library so you can be just like Shari Lewis.


Edgar Bergen

The dummy's personality

sample dialogue


  1. Ventriloquism was pretty big back then. I got one of these dolls for Christmas probably around 1970. My parents never went too far out of their way for the holidays, so it must have been readily available. It was an ugly thing based on Charlie McCarthy. I’m glad I no longer have it, although it was fun at the time.

  2. I wonder when the whole ventriloquism thing fizzled out. I’d nearly forgotten that it really was a big deal for a while. It feels like it peaked in the ’70s. I remember at least a few years when the Sears Christmas catalog always had a page in the toy section devoted to ventriloquist dummies.

  3. Whenever I come across someone who is terrified of clowns, I think: Ah, that’s only because you have never encountered a ventriloquist’s dummy. They’re infinitely scarier.

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