Goodbye 2021-Part 2

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Part 2 of our Best of 2021 includes youth/teen and some adult fiction choices. I’m leading off with the romance “Hostage Nurse” where the protagonists fall in love during a plane hijacking.  I predict there will be some pandemic themed romances eventually, where the lovers will have to quarantine together, and then romance blooms. Read the details with a good look at the cover. Evidently once the plane was hijacked, our nurse decided to put on her uniform.

There were a few choices for the kids. “My Dad Lives in a Downtown Hotel” is seriously depressing and the Dad is a piece of work. (Men always get the short end of the stick in these books.)  “Where is Daddy?” is another divorce themed story. Grandma seems to be the mean one and Mom just vacuums to feel better. At least Daddy is not a jerk in this book.

Enjoy the rest

Mary and Holly

A Hijacking Love Story

Groovy Teen Decor

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  1. Ah, the 70s terrible dad genre. Does anyone miss them, particularly with these awful illustrations?

    We seem to have a theme here of jerk men behaving badly: hijack doctor, two bad dads. I wonder if Hostage Nurse got tired of jerkface doctor’s attitude again after a few years and then had to explain divorce to the kid when doctor moved to a downtown hotel and she went back to work. Dealing with platelets but hopefully not the Black Death, and a kid who wants a groovy room.

    @Henri: I’ve enjoyed you joining us. Your comments are funny, cogent, or both.

    On to more terrible books for 2022!

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