Goodbye 2021- Part 1

best 2021

At the end of the year, Holly and I do cocktails (socially distant) and put together a list of our favorites for the year. 2021 isn’t going to win any prizes for fun and exciting, but we have found a few chuckles here and there. Click on the post name to see the original and be sure to read some of the comments. Got some opinions or favorites to share? Say so in the comments.

Mary and Holly

To kick this off, we present this Internet dating book published last September.
This book qualifies on so many levels of our best of the worst for 2021.  This book hits all the criteria for awful:

  • Poor production quality
  • Ridiculous content
  • Bad cover art
  • Dumb title
  • Self-aggrandizing author

Read on and let us know about some of your favorites and stay tuned to our part 2 which features youth/teen and fiction.

Dating when the bar is low

Leisure Suit Larry

Jell-o Rides Again

Saucy Wieners

Jewish Celebrity Hall of Fame

Hippie Crafts

The Black Death

Bush Friendly

Hostess Helps and Recipes

Put the Fear of God Into Your Toys


  1. Ah, so much badness in one post.

    I literally cringed when that first one came up. I’d mercifully forgotten that. Now I need a shower. ALONE.

    Fruity Jello should never be savory. Urp. Though I remain nostalgic for the Jellos of my youth.

    The hippie crafts would have been bad even in hippie days. Did the model who had to wear the peace medallion suffer a bruised sternum? And the vests… shudder.

    I hope God has mercy on the soul of everyone who tries those Bible crafts. O Lord, how long must Thy people suffer bad toys?

  2. Fat chance and no chance Mr. Sebastian Chance: Chances are he’s heard them all. At least Chance the Rapper was able to get that name without Mr. Chance messing that up.

    I’ll forgo his book and take my chances, all them minus Mr. Chance. (ha!)

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