Going Sane

Going SaneGoing Sane: An Introduction to Feeling Therapy
Hart, Corriere, Binder

Oooh, most excellent suits, hair, and glasses on the cover!

The Center for Feeling Therapy was seen as a cult in the early 1970’s.  Check out the Wikipedia article (and, of course, the references listed there) about them.  Feeling Therapy was an offshoot of Primal Therapy.  After Primal Therapy was abandoned, they got heavily into dream analysis.  In fact, their methods and beliefs changed often.  Apparently, the practitioners lived together in a commune.  There were allegations of physical and emotional abuse, fraud, and brainwashing.  The Center was disbanded and its leaders were banned from practicing therapy in California.  They were sued in 1986 by former patients.

So…is there any value to this book as a historical record of cults of the 1970’s?  In your average public library it’s just a curiosity, not a source for patrons seeking information about available therapies.  However, most public libraries that own it have it under 616.8 (psychotherapy), not 291 (cults).

Keep it? Weed it? Move it?  You can probably guess my vote.

  1. I wonder if this is the same Joseph Hart? http://www2.eou.edu/~jhart/ I looked up Dr. Phil’s PhD thesis out of curiosity once. It had something to do with biofeedback. I wonder what these guys wrote for dissertations?

    1. Yup, that’s him. Looks like he’s really tried to distance himself. No pun intended.

  2. I don’t think I’d go anywhere with these guys. They kind of give me the creeps so I guess I won’t be going sane with them anyway. I’ll stick with being insane or maybe unsane.

  3. Joseph Hart’s eyebrows are going insane…one more minute in the sun and he’ll be pink and burned !

  4. Send it to a library in Hollywood or New York City that specializes in having research material for writers. I’m sure there must be one. This could be worth 10 Law & Order: SVU scripts alone.

  5. Great, now I have the “Shout” song from Tears for Fears in my head. (that was related to this whole thing right? I remember reading it on Pop Up Video)

    1. tears for fears was into Primal Scream ‘therapy’, yes…

      doc hart looks ready to do some preachin’..,,.

      i wouldnt trust doc corriere for 2 SECONDS around my g/f..

      doc binder looks like a nice, low-key jewish guy. i want him for a therapist.

  6. Quite interesting reading the Wiki article. It sounds like this could have been another Jonestown, but the members, fortunately, rebelled. Scary stuff, really.

    1. It’s amazing what people will do to themselves and others because someone calling himself a psychologist told them they should. If you don’t think so, just watch a Dr. Phil segment.

  7. Remembering my young adulthood in the late 1970s, I will say only this: Regardless of the crazy/scary/cult belief system he espoused, Richard Corriere was undoubtedly a chick-magnet back in the day!

  8. Those are not true leisure suits. A leisure suit had a shirt styled jacket with a pointed collar, not a notched lapel and certainly not a vest. Leisure suits were made of polyester double knit and frequently ornamented with contrasting top-stitching. Dr. Jerry may be treading a fine line with those breast pockets and Dr. Dick’s purple is disco as all get out, but Dr. Joe’s jacket looks like a velveteen or a no-wale corduroy. So many of you love trashin’ fashion, that you might as well be precise.

    If this book promotes a discredited “therapy” that is linked to abusive practices, that there is enough reason to yank it out by the roots. I mean, Don Deibel with a doctorate, right?

  9. So maybe they were abusive?

    Who cares? They had crushed velvet, aviators and big collars to die for!

    But I think the Wikipedia author was a victim or the bereaved relative of one…

    1. Ah – there’s the crux.

      I know they were scam artists. But after years of seeing men “looking like fools with their pants on the ground” even the so-called “ugly” fashions of the 70s gets my motor going because men wearing them look so well groomed compared to the men of today.

      In fact, Corriere & Binder look so good I could easily fall for their scams.

      Sad, isn’t it?

      Though I wonder, were this the 70s right now and this a book from the 40s, would a woman like me have the same reaction after years of putting up with fashions like this? Or is it just the years of seeing men’s dirty boxer shorts that is causing this feeling in me?

  10. So…John Madden with a terrible toupee, Tony Danza, and Burt Young, also with a bad wig.

  11. “don deibel with a doctorate”…!

    many of the books from this past week are combining weirdly in my head, even more than the awful library books usually do.

  12. I’d see if a college or university that has pre-med or a medical school and research library could use the book, since psychology students and some pre-med psychiatry programs discuss “brainwashing,” cults and abusive “therapies.”

  13. Please give it to a local university- I studied cults as a Religious Studies major and this kind of thing would be GOLD.