God’s Callgirl

God's call girl cover

God’s Callgirl: A Woman’s Incredible Journey From the Convent to the Massage Parlour
Van Raay

Submitter: I would bet my meager salary that this is the first and last book ever published whose title contains the words “God”, “Callgirl”, “Convent” , and “Massage Parlour.”  I thought I would weed this title, but maybe I should start a book discussion instead. . . .

Holly: What a horrible title for what is possibly a very interesting biography!  Anyone have any reviews or comments about this one?


  1. It’s certainly an arresting title. I can’t say I see much wrong with it other than the fact that it will surely offend a small percentage of the population, but that’s not a particularly good reason for weeding.

  2. The title does not match well with the picture at all. Still, the story does sound… interesting.

  3. Actually, I knew a nun who went from Sister College Professor to Sister Massage Therapist, but in a rehab hospital. BTW, shouldn’t there be some religious garb or rosary or something instead of black socks?

  4. This would be a fun game: look up keywords on Amazon that don’t go together at all and see what titles come up.

  5. “One woman’s incredible journey from the convent to the massage parlour”
    Not that incredible – they’re usually right next door to each other…

  6. What an odd cover. Is there supposed to be any significance to the fact her sweater is a glowy green color while everything else is dull?

  7. Oh yes, I remember this one – it’s an Australian one, right? I did actually read it a few years ago. Nothing about it particularly stuck in my mind, but it wasn’t bad – kind of interesting really… I’ve never seen that cover though. We only had the cover on the Amazon listing mentioned by Diana B. I have this strange feeling that the author may have written a sequel….

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