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Secrets of fun and success

Young Only Once
Secrets of Fun & Success

Another guide for Christian Teens. Lots of helpful advice on how to be more likeable. Evidently, “using good English” is important in the likeability game. Ladies, you need to be up on the latest in household management, child care, and possibly support your family. Remember, it’s up to you to make sure your spawn are raised properly so they won’t be a “misfit”.  Finally, you really need to clean up. No one wants to hang around someone who smells.

Bottom line: be nice, speak English and stay odor free.


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    1. That’s nothing, my mom worked in her sisters’ salon in the 1950s as a shampoo girl and said often women would go 6 MONTHS without washing their hair – they only had it washed when they came to the salon.

    2. My mother used to have her hair done every week. She had a perm, of course, and got it set and sprayed stiff so that it looked the same all week. Now she washes it herself much more frequently, I am happy to say. But two weeks — I agree, eww.

  1. It has a few good points anyway. I often wonder why so many parents seem to fail at raising kids these days. And why people don’t get basic grammar…figuring out you’re/your and there/they’re/their and that plurals don’t need apostrophes, ect.

  2. My, the ideas of cleanliness have mightily changed.

    ‘Don’t ignore a shampoo for more than two weeks’? Yuccch! In 1957 I was ten years old and shampooed much more often than that.

  3. Actually, many of the questions from page 27 are worth asking – and not just when you’re young.

  4. Maybe people didn’t get dirty as quickly in 1957 because the world was a lot less polluted. My hair never really feels clean even after I’ve just washed it, and all the many varieties of shampoo are overwhelming and confusing to me.

  5. The list of questions aren’t bad. I wouldn’t focus on the religious ones (and there can be exceptions to the good English one, like if it’s not your first language) but the others are practical for either sex to consider. The rest of the book being religious, I don’t think I’d ever pick it up.

  6. that woman’s neck is as long as my damn forearm!
    it’s the 50s and you’re christian so being single and not having kids are not options….
    the shampoo every two weeks thing is seriously gross.

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