Go Team!

Team Building Cover

Team Building
An Exercise in Leadership

Yeah, this is old. It also is a workbook format which I think has a dubious place in a public library collection. Too many people have no qualms about filling out information in a library book. I also have a working theory that all management books are probably the same, they just repackage it with a slick new catch phrase. Regardless, they are an important part of a general collection and usually popular with the public. I think there is better stuff available, not to mention newer.

This book is just so-so, even for the 90s. I really can live without the baseball metaphor. (I get the feeling the author is trying to make this material “sexy” rather than “sporty”.)  The only thing missing is organizing a retreat complete with a trust fall. (You might as well know now, if ever have to do a trust fall, I will drop you. On purpose.)


team building back cover
Tips on getting to first base

Good organizational skills

Making Your Move to Third Base

Open Communication

Ten unforgiveable mistakes

The book card method


  1. That cover is downright creepy. And if you have a workbook in a collection, laminate the pages. Or at least, the ones you are supposed to fill in.

  2. Know what’s (perhaps) worse than finding books like this on the shelves of a public library? Finding them tucked in with government administrative archival material … Meeting notes, policy development papers, “how to manage” books with atrocious art, more policy development papers …

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