Glamourpuss coverGlamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs

Submitter: I’m told a former director adopted a cat and went through a phase where she purchased a bunch of cat books in 2009. Somehow, despite terrible circulation, two made it to 2018 without being weeded: Glamourpuss and Cat Yoga. [Glamourpuss] is by far the funniest. It was checked out 5 times in the first year, but never again. The book is so bad, our consortium wouldn’t even add it to our online catalog.

Holly: My sides hurt from looking at these pictures. Too funny! I have to question a consortium that won’t add a book to the online catalog, though. Is there fine print somewhere that gives them veto power over collection decisions at the member libraries? Hmmmmm.

kitty wigs blonde

Kitty Wigs professor

kitty wigs blonde

Kitty wigs orange

kitty wigs microphone


  1. Every one of those cats looks like it is plotting the death of the person who put the wig on its head.

  2. I can almost hear what these cats are thinking to themselves right now:

  3. Hilarious. Maybe if the book were in the online catalog it would get more attention! People love cat photos.

  4. I would think that even if this doesn’t get checked out much, it definitely gets looked at a lot in the library.
    If I was supposed to be studying, I’m sure I’d rather be looking at cats in wigs.

  5. Funniest thing I’ve seen all day!! That consortium must have had no sense of humor.

    BTW it is Nico, not Niko. What a terrific band!

  6. That tabby IS. NOT. HAPPY. Not one bit. The black cat in the yellow wig is just gorgeous!

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