Git Along Little Dogies

git along coverGit Along Little Dogies
Songs and Songmakers of the American West

Submitter: Hmmm. Let’s see. . . We’re a girls’ school in PA with no curricular connection to cowboy songs. There’s no evidence of this EVER having been checked out. A sound sheet is found as soon as you open the book. I’ve never seen one of these before. Apparently, it’s to be placed on top of a 45 and played on a record player (It needs to be held in place by a coin!)

Mary: Can’t understand why the kids aren’t lining up to check this out. Does it belong somewhere? Maybe, but not at a girl’s school.

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  1. “…not at a girl’s school”? That has to be the worst reason to weed I’ve ever heard! Why not? If the book were about boys’ hygiene, then it wouldn’t belong there, but songs and songwriters of the American West?

    If it hasn’t been checked out, get rid of it. Since the media included is obsolete, for most households these days, weed it. But, not because it’s shelved in a “girl’s school!”

  2. I never heard of a ‘sound sheet’ before, we always referred to them as ‘flimsy vinyls’ back in the day. They were often included in magazines and were fairly common around the publication date of this book.

  3. At my all-girls school, we sang occasional cowboy songs — this would have been a very reasonable book for our school library. I remember those flimsy record things, too. One careless bend or worse, a fold, and they were toast.

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