Girls Ruin Everything

Weak Link coverWeak Link: the Feminization of the American Military

Submitter: Our public library found yet another interesting book while weeding the non-fiction section. [It] seems much older given its content.  According to its circulation history, it’s rarely left the shelves. Given the dated contents and horrid cover, our patrons show good judgement!

Holly: Oooh, this ought to rile some people up! Take a look at this review in the New York Times, written by Richard Halloran. There are lots of reviews on Amazon too, of course. In 1989 this book might have been a reasonable choice for a public library in the interest of a collection with balanced viewpoints, and also because it was a hot topic back then. There is definitely still a place for this in some research libraries, but I think most neighborhood public libraries with popular materials collections can let it go.

Weak Link front flap

Weak Link back flap

Weak Link contents

Weak Link - fraternization


  1. That cover is what I’d like to do, actually, stick flowers in a soldiers gun. Because I hate war. I hate the government because it won’t help poor people yet spends all its money on war. Peace man, make love not war, ya dig? 😛

  2. What’s funny to me is that the blurb on the cover started with a lie. The US dosn’t have more women than many other countries. And other countries had women in combat roles before America.

  3. I love the naiveté here with the assumption that fraternization between soldiers is some new horror brought about by the introduction of women to the ranks. I think that maybe for all of his military experience and study, Mr. Mitchell perhaps didn’t understand a lot of the shenanigans going on amongst soldiers for the last, oh, several thousand years.

  4. The library I worked in at the time of this publishing date had a copy of this book…I recall it was not a big item. The university was in a Navy town that was full of women sailors and Marines and had an ROTC program I hope they have since withdrawn it.

  5. I bet he doesn’t have a wife anymore, if he’s as rude about her as he is about other women. I can appreciate the need for a balance of views on controvertial issues, but the tone of this is just obnoxious, and doesn’t even attempt to be constructive.

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