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Woman Doctor's Diet for Teen Girls

The Woman Doctor’s Diet For Teen-Age Girls

I could tell the year this was published just by looking at the cover and book design (one of the side effects of blogging about weeded books). I didn’t find anything particularly bad in this book. The doctor talks a lot about healthy habits that really wouldn’t be that out of place 40 years later;  it emphasizes looking good and presumes that that dieting forever is just a fact of life for women.

She does talk about anorexia, which was just starting to enter into mainstream discussions on diets. I remember that a few TV shows brought the subject to mainstream audiences. It wasn’t until the death of Karen Carpenter in 1983, that eating disorders really caught everyone’s attention. At the time, I doubt if there were real strategies for dealing with anorexia other than telling someone to just eat something. This article about the myths about eating disorders was what most of the mainstream believed. Side note: A medical librarian writing for the BEDA (Binge Eating Disorders Association) wrote this little history with a few links that are worth a view.

Now go weed the diet books and make sure there isn’t anything too old floating around on your shelves.


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  1. Most teen-aged girls don’t need to be dieting unless they are an unhealthy weight for their age. I do think that it’s good to have advice on alternative diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free) for that age group, though. As far as eating disorders go, that could use some updating. There’s also bulimia nervosa and binge-eating disorder. We’re also starting to see more eating disorders in adolescent males.

  2. That “Normal Dieter” list is pure poison, isn’t it? It makes the so-called “normal” dieters sound like fat slobs who don’t know how gross they are, and the anorexia sufferers sound tidy, attractive, and popular. The book should be weeded for that page alone!

      1. You’re right. I wonder how many “normal dieters” got that far through the list, though. Terrible information all around.

  3. They forgot one last difference between someone with anorexia and a normal dieter. The anorexia sufferer is generally treated with sympathy and caring because they have a disease. The normal dieter is treated as weak, lazy, disgusting, stupid, and entirely at fault for their weight problem. At least that’s how society acts about such things anyway.

    Another thing they also forgot: diets don’t work. You can’t just diet and then go back to eating normally if the weight comes off. You’ll just gain it all back and more because your body thought it was in danger of starvation and slowed it’s metabolism down. So in order to really lose weight you have to do the things that you hate every second of your life every day. 🙁

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