Girls Guide to Becoming a Teen

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Girl’s Guide to Becoming A Teen: Getting Used to Life in Your Changing Body
American Medical Association

Submitter: Overall, it really isn’t a bad book. It has good information and covers the facts. However, no school in our area has a school nurse to go to as the book says to do. The biggest issue is the suggested websites to visit for more information. Okay, some are dead links, that happens. But when one suggested web link ( opens to their page that discusses finding “hot girls who want to f***” and provides more website links for “teenF***” dating sites to hook up with the hot girls, well then there is an issue with this book. There is nothing wrong with out and proud; just don’t think it’s appropriate for teen health book to direct the teens to what seems to be “sex hook up sites”! American Medical Association printed and approved, but it is no longer on this library’s shelf.

Holly: It would be different if this were an adult sexual health book, but it is aimed at girls who are “becoming” a teen. To me, that implies it is for tweens and very young teens, not even older teens. Inappropriate for many public library teen and tween collections, and probably even more upper elementary/middle school collections – and even high school. Yes, out and proud is healthy and encouraging to young teens, but the content on that web page is over the top for this age group. And also, the book is 13 years old. Let’s update those web links, products, and women’s health treatments and options.

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out and proud

out and proud

School nurse


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    1. Budget cuts, although unlike pencils, pens, glue and tablets, this isn’t an area where students’ families can be expected to supply their own. But in the absence of a nurse, there should still be a stock of critical supplies, and some administrator, teacher, or volunteer with basic training.

    2. Mel, not all schools are the same size. If they’re only small, the budget may not run to a nurse.

  1. That link is odd.
    I can’t find an organization with a name like “National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexuel and Transgender Youth” or one that uses “Out and Proud” as a non-generic slogan.
    The web site looks like some guys personal web site, not an organization.
    Also, the two “and”s and the one Oxford comma of the non-existent NCGLBTY is odd.
    So: ???????

  2. Looks like ownership of has changed between when the book was published and now. It’s not fair to blame the authors/publisher for this change.

    1. You’re right – it’s not the author’s or publisher’s fault it changed. That’s fair. It is a library’s fault if they keep it on the shelf after the change, though.

      1. No offense intended, but to be fair, how is the library supposed to know? It’s not realistically possible for the library staff to know the complete content of every book they have, much less that a few odd weblinks buried deep in a single volume have changed / are now out of date. Especially given how fast things change on the net these days!

  3. The best solution to this issue I can think of is to list the names of the organizations without DNS names, and then have a single URL for the publisher’s site (in this case AMA) that can keep current links. Good to know there is information out there that is reasonable.

  4. It’s not really fair to phrase it as though that’s actually the organization’s mention website, and not some random weirdo’s. It’s not that surprising that domain ownership changes in 13 years.

    Which older than any tweens you’d be aiming at, also.

  5. I was entering middle school when this book was published. I don’t remember it. For us, the big book on puberty was American Girl’s The Care and Keeping of You. This one does have a little more of a teen focus than AG had.

    My school district had budget cuts and in my senior year, my school got less than some of the others. We never had a school nurse and instead one of our secretaries acted in that capacity.

  6. On keeping pads in your locker in preparation for your first period: I was too young to have a locker when mine started!

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