Getting High

getting high

Getting High
How to Really Do It

This guy is here to show you the REAL way to get high.  I am sure you will be shocked to discover that this book is about motivation and not controlled substance management.

Self-help books, especially for young people, age faster than milk. I also think good cover art is essential for any teen/youth book, especially in nonfiction titles. I am not sure this guy’s face, front and center, is good for any book (regardless of content). My immature brain keeps saying: “what a dork!”



getting high back cover

the high life

life problems

I am what I am


    1. They really do – the pictures have a very self-published-in-1973-at-the-local-copy-shop vibe to them.

  1. Why do I have the feeling that some people would sue the publishers of this book for flagrant false advertising?

    1. I have the feeling that it’s more likely a LOT of kids will see the book on the shelf, pull it out, have a good chuckle at the title, then put it back once they realize it’s not about drugs.

  2. About the cover — I don’t know, there have always been people who like to see guys with necks wider than their heads. As for the content shown, those supposed jokes are so lame it’s hard to comprehend how the editor allowed them to stay. The “draft” one is also very, very old. And, on the “I am what I say I am” page, did anyone else notice that the negative things are way better attributes than the positive ones? Not a good exchange IMO.

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