Getting Fired in 1974

Getting Fired - cover
Getting Fired
An American Ordeal

Note the publication date. Yes, it was still on the shelf of a medium public library as of this writing. As many of you know, old career and job information just chaps my MLIS.

The author has a book sprinkled with personal accounts, some career advice and even marriage advice (cuz the little woman at home woman at home won’t understand). The best story from this chapter comes from a guy that hid the firing from his wife and banked his severance until he had another job. God forbid,  if his wife found out and he was regulated to chores and childcare. Notice “tell your family” is not the first item on the list.

I know this was a long time ago and perhaps there is value in the anachronistic stroll down memory lane, but think of patrons looking for help after losing their jobs right now.



Getting Fired - back cover

Where and where not to get help

Immediate steps to take


  1. #2. involves the spouse. I had to go with my first husband to the Welfare dept. to file for food stamps… However, my daughter and I also turned up on the list of “liabilities” list a little later, but that’s another story…

  2. I know it’s silly but I’m always amused to see books published on the year I was born. Things sure have changed since then.

  3. My parents must have been a little ahead of their time because they both had jobs for as long as I could remember. Most of my childhood my father was a fisherman who would be working a lot in the summer, and my mother was a waitress at a bowling alley restaurant that closed in the summer. My dad would be watching over my brother and me and even getting supper ready in the evenings while my mom was still at work! Why it seems impossible for so many other guys I have no idea. My parents went through some major job changes when I was a teenager, though.

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