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Disco Dancing coverComplete Guide to Disco Dancing
Lustgarten “The Disco Lady”

Submitter: A young woman came to the reference desk and asked for books about dancing.  I showed her to the appropriate section, then stood there discussing with her what exactly she was looking for while she browsed.  I was horrified when I saw this book…to the extent that I snatched it off the shelf and hid it behind my back so the patron wouldn’t see it.  How embarrassing!

Holly: There is no end to disco books in public libraries!  Even if disco makes a comeback, we need to update the books.

Disco Dancing back cover

Disco Dancing - the Sway

Disco Dancing - Recommended practice music

Disco Dancing style

Basic disco steps

Disco Dancing line turn


  1. Again, the MOST POPULAR dance book check out at my library is a disco dancing book. So popular I can never get my own hands on it. (And I really want to learn to do The Hustle.) So popular the librarian is trying to find money in the budget to add some disco dancing DVDs. There’s also disco dancing work outs – and more then just Richard Simmon’s Disco Sweat.

    So there’s no reason to be embarrassed of this book. I believe shows like Dancing With The Stars and Dance Your A** Off have renewed peoples’ interest in disco dancing. Especially as a fun work out to lose weight.

  2. Oh my gosh, my 16 year old socially awkward and uncoordinated self bought this book when it was hot off the press. *eek*

  3. That red dress–it looks like if she ever just put her arm down by her side that it would slide right off her.

  4. Again, IANALibrarian, but I don’t think this is as worthy of weeding as some of the other books showcased here. Disco dancing might not be popular, but there are bound to be people interested in learning how to do it, maybe for a 70s theme party, or maybe just because it’s fun. Where are they going to learn how to do it? If you can find a more modern book on disco dancing to replace this one, then that’s a different story.

    This book certainly isn’t as bad as a book about programming Vic-20, beating Pac-Man, or about the likes and dislikes of OJ Simpson or something.

  5. Oh, do a little dance, make a little love
    Get down tonight, whoo, get down tonight, hey
    Do a little dance, make a little love
    Get down tonight, get down tonight, baby

  6. What I don’t understand is how anyone could hope to learn how to dance from a book (but maybe that’s just the hopelessly uncoordinated side of me talking).

  7. I’m going to be showing my generation here, but I can’t see how that book could be more helpful than 15 minutes on youtube.

  8. I wonder what, precisely, they think “germane” means. Because I’m pretty sure they’re wrong. 😉

  9. I want this book. I was such a wallflower back then. I would love to learn these dances. A guy I dated then could actually dance and it was great. Then he left and I never found anyone else to dance with. So sad. It could be a kept in the break room for humor or for teen night. What a hoot to learn mom and dad’s or gma and gpap’s dances!

  10. I remember being at a music gig once where there was actually a disco DJ between sets. I thought the stuff he’d play would be just like the boppy techno music I’d just become a fan of at the time. I was wrong. Damn, I hate disco!

    Some of the photos shown above are hilarious. I particularly like the second-to-last one; it looks like the author’s folk-dancing! The last one’s good too – just all those movers and groovers on the dance floor. The second gentleman from the left in the front row looks particularly suave!

  11. I can’t think of a single person my age who would turn to books to learn how to dance. That’s what Youtube is for.

  12. Cathy – I think you mean a Tom Selleck mustache! Scary thought – I think I owned this book once!

  13. As a dance hobbyist, I *love* these old dance books! Don’t weed please! 🙂 I find the dance section to usually be woefully under-stocked, I’d rather see a few older but not bad books then none at all.

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