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Show of hands: How many of you dabbled in these awesome late 80s fashions?

Of course, I can’t believe it is still in a teen nonfiction collection. I can hear every modern teen girl going “Ewwww.” I am going to guess they don’t want to look like Mom’s high school senior photo. This book should have been weeded by 1995 at the latest.

When I was a teen, I loved this kind of book, especially the before and after pictures. Unfortunately, I always looked like the before picture.

For its time, it was a good purchase. Seriously, though the 80s (and 90s, and 00s too) are over. Let’s all move on with our lives.  Think about it, the kids featured in this book are now planning for retirement or yelling at their own teens. Soon, they will be asking about senior discounts and AARP memberships.



back cover

group of teens

The Classic

two teen girls

Free spirit boy

Star girl

Star Boy


    1. Here I thought I was pretty good at recognizing stuff we already posted. I will try and throw in an extra later on. 🙂

  1. Having graduated from high school in 1987, I must say these fashions are very accurate. There are many photos in my yearbook of student dressed exactly like this. (Yes, I went to school in Southern California). This book would be fun to have at a high school reunion, but not in a library’s teen nonfiction collection!

  2. The before pictures look like kids in my high school class- in the 70s. Maybe that’s it, they just got stuck with the previous generation’s hair and clothes. 🙂

  3. It’s Fast Times at Ridgmont High!

    But seriously–people who were teens in 1987 are only in their 40s now. Not quite geriatric yet.

  4. 3rd photo, girl on right: how much hairspray is required to get that gravity-defying, permanently-blowing-in-the-wind hairstyle?

    I had one of those boxy, baggy jean jackets (with lots of pins and buttons) circa 1988. Kinda wish I still had it.

  5. I don’t know, I see a lot of this stuff back in and I can think of a few hipsters who would gladly check this book out for advice.

  6. But what about the recent 80s revival with crazy sweaters etc.? How are today’s teens supposed to get accurate information about how terrible 80s teen really looked? 😉

  7. I just thought it was funny that the text says “No button-down shirts for him!” and then illustrates two button-down shirts anyway.

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