Get rid of those unsightly lumps, bumps and sags!

Miss Craig's - cover

Miss Craig’s 10 Minute a Day Spot-Reducing Program
Crowley and Wagner

Gotta love these exercise books! Miss Craig’s exercises don’t look too bad. A good chunk of these I have done in a yoga class or two. However, I am pretty sure that “spot-reducing” is a myth. ┬áMy favorite part is that Miss Craig models these exercises in fishnet stockings–complete with a seam up the back! Va va voom!


Miss Craig's - Inside left cover

Spot Reducing back flap

Bosom and chest exercises

tone under-eye area




  1. The only catch to exercising with directions from a book is that you have to memorize the directions or have someone read it to you. Miss Craig also looks like a bit elderly to be teaching exercise. Then again, 10 minutes or less is about what an elderly woman would be expected to be able to handle – especially in 1979…

  2. She died in 2003 at age 90, making her 66 if this book was published in 1979. As for her age, if anything, it has been proven that more vigorous workouts – particularly weight workouts – are extremely beneficial for even senior citizens since loss of muscle and bone density are serious issues.

    Honestly, the photos in the book illustrate a woman who’s quite atrophied, though, to be fair, the whole thing is a product of its time and we can’t put modern knowledge/expectations onto such works. It’s definitely of historical interest and should be commended for being one of many foundational works that helped get us where we are today, but obviously not something that should be in a modern collection…

  3. The starting position for the facial exercise makes her look as if she’s ready for her close up, Mr. DeMille.

  4. I can remember my mom doing those facial exercises, or something very similar to them.

  5. I can honestly say that I’ve never worried about whether my arches are fat. Should I be shuddering to think of all the sandals I’ve worn with my arch-flab hanging out for all to see?

  6. Oh dear – maybe you should have issued a warning before allowing us to scroll down to the first shot of the facial exercises. My eyes are still wide with shock!

  7. I use her book every day or so. People tell me that I am beautiful, and admire how fit I am. Her face exercises are magic, and I find your collective sarcasm unfair. She was truly a genius at what she did. She helped an entire generation of women feel and look better. What have you done to help other people that gives you the right to heap such vicious scorn?

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