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How to Get Rich in Mail Order

Wow. Just wow. Think this still has merit in the small public library? No one has weeded this yet.  We could make an endless list of all the things that are outdated with this particular title.  I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that maybe the Internet changed a lot of retailing.  Regardless, for this particular title, the quality is dubious for 1980. There are endless advertisements for additional sales products on mail order and lots of positive, “go for the gold” sales motivation speeches. Best of all, this particular edition is stained and just looks awful.


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Develop your mail order expertise

Make Money with Classified Ads

Mail order books or records

tv appearance


  1. With a name like Melvin Powers, how can you go wrong? AND he’s from North Hollywood. Bonus!

    Check out You won’t regret it.

  2. PishPosh – you are so right! The website is awesome. My favorite line from the bio of M. Powers: “he was invited to Nashville to accept an award for his song ‘Who Wants a Slightly Used Woman.’ ”

    Also, I notice you can buy a new edition of this book!

  3. Does the new edition have the record and book mail order business updated from the dark ages?

  4. I want to buy a book on How To Get Rich From Selling Books About How To Get Rich. Mysteriously, there isn’t one.

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