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Preparing for Contact: A Metamorphosis of Consciousness
Royal and Priest

I am all about the books on Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts, and other assorted weirdness. They are a lot of fun and they generally circulate pretty well. This one got me because of the cover. Who doesn’t love the romance of this “close encounter”?

This particular book is more about the experience and reads like bad philosophy/self help. I was kind of disappointed. I want my books on aliens to be less personal growth and more about the story.


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preparing for contact


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  1. Thoughts:

    #1. I like how “Preparing for Contact” guidelines advises to reject all other thoughts and accept the “Truth” even if other thoughts are “realistic” even it comes to alien encounter, such as the fear of becoming a guinea pig and/or an alien’s next dinner.

    #2. It always amazes me on how some of these Ph.D.s (referring to Dr. Leo Sprinkle) are allowed contintual employment/emeritus status at universities when the stuff they prompt is either psuedoscience that can be easily disproven or just plain crazy.

    #3. I wonder how Irissa feels about aliens now and how it affected her relationship with her mother? Bigger question is what did Irissa’s teachers think about her and students encountering aliens? My guess it may not have turned out well :(.

  2. If the authors were to marry and take the married name ‘Royal-Priest’, they would get a lot more followers. Belief.

  3. The title and cover really made me hope for some gloriously cheesy 70s love advice. Yet I am not disappointed.

  4. Here is a book for those people who press their doctors to prescribe the drugs they see in TV commercials?

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