Get off that Phone!

Telephone and Time Management coverThe Telephone and Time Management: Making It a Tool and Not a Tyrant

Here is yet another example of a great idea for a book that is just out of date. There are apps and other productivity tools that aren’t mentioned in this book, for one thing (Skype, Google Hangouts, and Whats App, for example).  There also isn’t discussion of multi-line phone systems, VOIP systems, cell phones, texting, or even voice mail vs. answering machines.

Anyone who has ever worked in a library knows that books that include worksheets are the kiss of death. This book has miraculously avoided being written in, if you can believe it!

The section (below) on helping your callers get to the point should be included in all library science courses. If you’ve spent time on a service desk you know that patrons who call in often like to chat you up – which is lovely if you have a minute – but you usually don’t.


Telephone and Time Management back cover

Telephone and Time Management contents

Telephone and Time Management contents

Telephone stress level

Get to the point


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  1. I used those 50 Minute books a lot when I was a public library training manager back in the early 90s. They were pretty good for staff training!

  2. I’m confused by their choice of cover art. Even when the content was up to date, the old timey phones and pocket watches wouldn’t give readers that impression.

  3. The topic’s certainly valuable, judging by rants from friends in the business world. but yeah, 1988 is way too old.

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