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Teen job coverHow to Get a Job If You’re a Teenager
Pervola and Hobgood

I really like the way this book is organized! It’s thorough with mostly good advice, and only 62 pages including the index. Great format for teens!

As you can see from the cover image, though, it has that paperback laminate-type cover adhered to it, and there are bubbles in it. It’s also very dog-eared and bent and getting a bit yellowed on the edges.

The resources page is filled with mid-90s editions that were great choices…in 1998.

It also suggests that teens leave their “beeper” at home when they go in for an interview. Did teens ever really go through a beeper craze? Wasn’t that mostly doctors and lawyers?

Get a job teens back cover

The Interview

Resources on job opportunities


  1. Oh yes, teens had beepers. They were popular in my high school. I never wanted one, but my roaming sister was mandated to have one by my mother.

  2. 1998–Cellphones were the size of shoe boxes…so yeah-you better leave those home….

    1. Naw…I was borrowing my boss’s for press tours back then, and they were more like small bricks, not shoeboxes. it was just about then that the digital ones had come along, I think. The earlier ones of his I had borrowed were foldup things with antennas you had to pull out, but still not shoebox size. I got my very own top-of-the-line Nokia in 1999, a small rounded brick on which I could play some primitive games! As well as make calls, which in those days was what they mostly were for.

  3. My HS had a rule about having beepers in class, and I graduated 5 years before this was published.

  4. Hey! You can find websites by using the terms “summer” and “jobs”!

    Oh, late nineties baby internet. Those were the days.

  5. Two comments: I really like the book and idea.
    Second, what an unfortunate last name: Pervola. I’m hoping it is pronounced Per-vola and not Perv-ola!

    1. HS class of 1996 and my (two years) younger sister had one for 3-4 years during high school. I think one of my brothers had one as well. (I did not have one because I thought they were silly. And also my parents trusted me more than they trusted my siblings.)

  6. My daughter fussed and fussed about having a pager – “everybody has one!” By the time she got hers, it was cellphones…. Again, with the “But everybody has one!”

  7. According to Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the show), yes, teens had beepers in 1998. However, as an actual teenager in 1998, I did not have one and don’t recall any friends having one. Perhaps I was too “uncool”.

  8. I was just talking about the beeper craze a few days ago. I remember a classmate of mine had a metallic purple one with butterflies on it and all the girls thought it was so cool. I didn’t have one myself though.

  9. My brother had a beeper in the mid-nineties. He got it from Mountain Dew (like sending in bottle caps or something). He was probably 12 or 13 and he just had to have it. I doubt he ever used it, though. But, man, was he cool!

    I got my first cell phone around 1997-1998 when I started college. I got it for my birthday. I didn’t want it, but my parents thought I should have one. Mine was about 2″ wide x 4″ tall x 1.5″ thick with a rubberized coating so I could throw it across the room. They made more advanced ones then, but I preferred mine because it was tough. I could customize the screen to have an orange or a green background. (I also just watched the original “Scream” movie last night. A guy is found with a cell phone and his dad says “What does a teenage boy need a cellular phone for?”)

  10. Doctor’s still use pagers. I was in line at the Time Horton’s inside St. Michael’s hospital recently (major hospital in downtown Toronto) and a doctor went running out of the line because his pager went off.

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