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Holly: There are an embarrassing number of public and public school libraries that still own this title.  Country books get old after ten years, max (less than that depending on political climate, major events, etc.).  This book is 61 years old!  My parents are only slightly older than that.  This would have been a fine choice for their public and school libraries when they were kids, but a lot has changed in Germany since 1951.  A LOT.  Just look at this map for starters:
Germany map

Germany's most memorable years
[Above:] I’d call the Berlin Wall going up – and coming down – “memorable years.”
Germany - Hitler

Berlin after World War 2


  1. The cover even looks like something from Hitler Youth propaganda. Robust Aryan youths celebrate Germany’s culture and industrial might.

  2. I didn’t know that Discard was the country above Poland between Germany and the U.S.S.R.

  3. I certainly notice a glaring lack of reference to the Holocaust in the discussion about Germany during WWII.

  4. Why would Poland want to discard any part of their country? Especially the coastal part?

  5. As a Dutchman I’m just wondering who gave Maastricht and southern Limburg to the Germans.
    And also… This book is three years older than my mom. Why on earth would this still be in a library? I’m a historian, I’m all for keeping things, but this is absurd! 🙂

  6. I love any children’s book about different countries, both geographical and cultural (cultural in particular). I especially like the old books because it is AMAZING to see what people thought of the world in those days. Lirazel: The world was not yet prepared, nor was it ready, to confront the Holocaust in those days… it was still recovering.

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