Gender Based Collectables

Antiques for Men coverAntiques for Men

Real men need to make sure they are collecting the “right” kind of collectable. Ladies, hands off the toy soldiers.

This old book on antiques and collectables is pretty outdated and I can’t imagine someone thinking this would be a helpful book. If it is description and identifiers than I think these books would work, however if it is a price and value guide, not so helpful. Of course your library’s mileage may differ. I personally was fascinated by ashtrays with faces. Maybe I was more fascinated by who might consider collecting ashtrays with faces. I will need to think on this.


Antiques for Men inside flap

ashtrays with faces

ashtrays with faces

Jolly Old Effigy Nutcrackers


  1. These are some of creepiest collectables ever. I guess back then it wasn’t “right” for men to collect anything that wasn’t sharp, pointy, ugly, or didn’t have anything to do with killing and violence. Now there are guys who openly collect stuffed animals and dolls. Times sure have changed.That’s a good thing IMO. 🙂

    1. Indeed. OTOH, woman who are engaged in hobbies mainly associated with (geeky) males are still perceived as strange or worse. Especially by a loud minority of said hobbyists. At least it seems to get better and that minority gets backlash.

  2. On the antique row in my town, one store stands out as the “dude antique store”. It is owned by a man who stocks it with neon signs, mid-century modern furniture, ray guns, and gas pumps. I am not a man but find his store refreshing in a sea of teacups.

  3. “Today, men are still among the most avid collectors of antiques”

    Along with women and children, I suppose.

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