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Submitter: I think this was a good choice for our academic library in 1996. Back then we bought a lot of Guides to the Internet. These days, people use search engines and social networks to find what they need. We weeded most Guides to the Internet shelved in TK or Z a few years ago. I think this one slipped through the cracks because it was shelved in the HQ (i.e., the GLBT) section.

The book refers to the Queer Resources Directory (QRD) a lot. It’s still on the web, but it hasn’t been updated for years. I tried typing in some of the long URLs in the same-sex-marriage section, but most of them failed at the domain level. We didn’t have URL shorteners back then either!

Notice that ‘FAQ’ needed to be explained. The graininess of the screenshots is original to the book.

Holly: Just the mention of AOL and Compuserve on the cover makes this a weeder! I had to look up BBSs (bulletin board systems). That’s another reason to weed this.


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Gay and Lesbian Online - CompuServe

Gay and Lesbian Online - Forums

Gay and Lesbian Online - Legal resources

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Politics for '96 and Beyond


  1. amazing how fast things changed in the 90s. could books like this be useful as part of gay history archives?

  2. Internet “Phone Books” like these really outdated themselves fast and usually before they were finished being published. This item is archival material at best.

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