Game Boy Strategies of Yesteryear

Game Boy Strategies coverUltimate Unauthorized Nintendo Game Boy Strategies
Sandler and Badgett

Submitter: While weeding through the 700s in the juvenile section of a public library, I came across this title clearly written for the 1st generation Game Boy.  The graphics in the book made me laugh and brought back memories of my childhood.  Some games include “NBA All-Star Challenge,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and of course the ever popular “Tetris.”  This book is perfect for people in their 30s, but definitely not appealing for children today.  Maybe it will have better use in the Nintendo World Store in Manhattan displayed next to the old gaming systems.

Holly: The University of Michigan Computer & Video Game Archive might have a use for this.  Your basic public library youth section? Not so much.  Is the quality of this book really this poor, or are the scans not doing it justice? It looks like photocopied pages and bad screen shots.


Super Mario Brothers



WWF Wrestle Mania



  1. And the WWF is now the WWE, so as not to confuse it with the organization that uses the cute panda (World WILDLIFE Foundation). Like you’d confuse Hulk Hogan with a panda?

    1. Now I’m imagining a panda with a bandana on its head and the white fur replaced by a weird orange faux fur. A mix of funny and scary, much like Hulk Hogan.

  2. I think the image quality has more to do with the GameBoy than the book. The screen was tiny and terrible, leading to a wide variety of magnifier and light accessories meant to make it half-way usable. They’ve taken screenshots of a small, low resolution screen and blown them up for the book. Not the best idea.

  3. OK I have to ask, what is the cover taken from? I don’t recognize the cat on the guitar surfboard.

  4. Aw, hell, I’m officially old. I would have been in the sixth grade when this came out and I think I actually had this book.

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