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The Personal Touch in Interior Decorating

I love the retro decorating books. Today’s choice is a bit different. Nearly the first third of the book is establishing your personal taste. I thought this was a pretty clever idea, especially for someone like me that has zero artistic talent.

So, among the advice and discussion, our author takes us through a quiz, to find out our style. Most of it is okay, but there are several that just seem weird. For example, there are some drawing of table legs and you have to identify your favorite. I kept thinking about what each leg meant. It felt like some bizarre Rorschach test. I also couldn’t pick a “favorite”. Now I am looking a table legs everywhere.

Busy calling a therapist,


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  1. Has to be weeded on the grounds of page 12, question 4. Most adults today would say, “who?” to at least 2-3 of those names.

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