Furby Trainer's Guide coverFurby Trainer’s Guide

Remember Furby? Those creepy little – well, whatever they were supposed to be – toys?  Furby could do all kinds of little tricks, and this book taught you how.  Furby was the biggest thing ever in 1998 and 1999.  The original production stopped in 2000, and then they brought new and improved Furby back in 2005.  By 2007 they were pretty rare again. (All this, according to Wikipedia, of course.)

Anywho, this book could have been weeded a decade ago and no one would have missed it.  I know I haven’t been hankering to make Furby burp for a good ten years.

(Oh for crying out loud, there’s a Furbish dictionary!)

Kah Mee-mee Toh-dye,


Eight Burp Trick

photo editing with Furby

Photo editing with Furby

Furby Scrapbook


  1. I hate to break it to you, but I saw a commercial for Furby just last week. They are apparently making (or trying to make) another comeback this Christmas. I was truly shocked. My younger sister had one in the late 90’s and it was a creepy little thing.

  2. I actually saw a furby in the stores this year. It was a different design then these old ones and had creepy digital eyes. Not sure who made that design choice but it turned a cute furby kinda unsettling.

  3. I’m doing a 90s display next month at my library and had my mom dig up my old Furby. He/She surprisingly still works! Me and my cats had about 10 minutes of fun making it burp, talk and go “whoaaaaaaa whooaaaaaaa” before we got annoyed and took the batteries out.

    I think it would be hilarious to have it “sleeping” in the display case, then suddenly wake-up and start talking when patrons walk by.

  4. All I remember about Furby is the damn thing NEVER failed to wake me up in the middle of the night. My friend’s would do the same thing too, even when we shoved the little creeper in her closet and buried it under old clothes. Also in middle school we went on lock down for 5 hours while the bomb squad responded to one that someone left in a locker. The locker was right outside my classroom so they evacuated us out through a window and we had to sit outside in the middle of January with out coats (in upstate NY) for nearly an hour until someone got the bright idea to let us go into the athletic building.

  5. I could have used this back when I had a Furby. I couldn’t get that thing to do anything. I swear it was resisting on purpose. I have no idea what even happened to it. It just disappeared one day.

  6. This book finally answers the age-old question: What do you do if you flunk out of design school? You photoshop pictures for a Furby book!

    For real, if Furbys are enough of a thing again to merit a book, get a new book; this one is for an outdated model and it won’t be accurate. It would be like keeping a Windows 2000 book around in the computers section.

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