Funny Ha Ha?

how to be funny coverHow to be Really Funny

I’m not sure a book can tell you how to be funny, whoops, I mean really funny, but this book does. It literally tells you what is funny. Example: simple mindedness also known as a “nice way to say stupid”.  On the plus side, there are discussions about some excellent talent such as Lily Tomlin, Steve Martin, Johnny Carson, and Jack Benny. For what it’s worth, I would think this book is more about improv and comedic acting than just “being funny”. Even for 1988, this one had too many references to shows in the 1960s and earlier. (Find me a kid that knows about the show Laugh In  heck, even their parents probably won’t know.)

“Say Goodnight, Dick”



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funny faces

exaggeration jokes with Johnny Carson

how to be funny-simple mindedness

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contrast is funny

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  1. You bet your sweet bippy.

    Here come de judge!

    Sock it to me! (Or as Nixon put it, “Sock it to me??”)

    Look that up in your Funk & Wagnall’s!

    Oh! *That* Henny Youngman!

    I had one grunch but the eggplant over there. (Whoops! That one was from Mad Magazine.)

  2. @Brad Walker: So glad you dropped in, old boy, we need a Frobisher for our 23-Man Squamish team.

    … wanna try a Walnetto?

    (If we’re going to do old-school MAD Magazine AND Laugh-in, this could go on forever!

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