Fun with Chickens

joy of chickens cover

Joy of Chickens

You’ve got to love when an author is excited about something. Evidently, chickens are this guy’s “thing.” Having been around chickens and hatching chicks, I don’t really feel joy. I feel mostly feel irritated by the constant chirping and smell.

This was recently weeded from a youth non-fiction collection. As a book, the content isn’t too bad, and the illustrations of the many breeds of chicken are beautiful. In my opinion, I think this book is more appropriate in the adult section. I will say that most of my adult patrons are usually looking for the small scale farming angle. (One particular patron was interested in dressing her chickens up in little outfits. I didn’t really wants to ask why.) Kids are usually just interested in stories and basic information. This book really doesn’t fit either need.

Fried chicken, anyone?


picture of a cockatrice

Belgian Bantum chicken

illustration of white silkie chicken

Buff Frizzle Bantam Chicken and Buff Silkie Chicken


  1. In the past year or so, books about chickens have become a hot commodity at my local library.

  2. The story of the cockatrice is fascinating. But it makes me wonder what got people believing such a crazy creature exists. I read that if an egg had no yolk inside it, people thought it was a cockatrice egg. In real life that happens sometimes but it’s definitely female chickens that lay them.

  3. Everyone is raising chickens around here. I bought a number of Storey’s guidebooks, “Your calf,” “Storey’s Guide to Raising Llamas,” etc., for any interested ag. or 4-H students at our high school.

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