Friendships Tested: Old Friends, New Friends

on our own cover
Old Friends, New Friends
On our own #4

Jill and Toni are besties and are ready to start adulting for real. Both of them plan to attend State U. Then Toni doesn’t get to go to college because of family problems and Jill gets a chance to get into that super first tier school called Rosemont. Everyone is having a difficult time. Jill gets a horrible roommate and Toni tells off the icky roommate when she visits Jill. Friendship troubles just blossom. Happily enough, they get their issues sorted and come to a new understanding. Growing up is difficult.

I have an idea for the sequel. Let’s project into the future: they both end up married to awful guys and are divorced by 2004. They become Facebook friends and never really talk to each other again. Anguish and tears for everyone.


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on our own pages

on our own pages


  1. This looks like one of those written-to-specification series. Janet Quin-Harkin (better known as Rhys Bowen these days) is now writing novels & historical mysteries which are much more readable & interesting than this book looks to be.

  2. I suppose this says something about me, but after reading the pages you posted, I kinda sorta want to see what the rest of the story is like.

  3. Ugh, the eye dialect for Mr. Paolini. “You-a listen to me!” “She pays-a her rent!” Shudder. I might weed it based on that alone.

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