Friday Fiction: Why am I too young?

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Why Am I Too Young?

Yet another familiar trope in the world of teen fiction: the older boy. Our protagonist, Callie, is crushing hard on the new super sexy lifeguard. Callie starts obsessing over the guy. This little obsession starts to cause problems, meaning she turns into a mean girl to her friends and family. By the end of the book, Callie starts to get it and finally does a nice mea culpa to her bestie and actually notices the age appropriate guy, who was trying to get her attention this whole time.


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    1. My thoughts exactly. (I would have been upset if I had been forbidden to play with dolls, make them clothes and design thel tiny items
      when I was 12 !)

  1. What is going on with the sentence structure in that synopsis? You’re also missing a comma after Callie.

  2. Considering the publish date of that book, it’s safe to say that she’s not too young anymore.

    1. It seems she’s just young enough… (Not very good.)
      Isn’t she Alida Young for that guy? (Even worse.)


  3. The title of this book sounds like one of those educational films that MST3K and Rifftrax riff on during their shows…

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