Friday Fiction: Working Relationship

working relationship

Working Relationship

I do love my romance, and to me a good cover is absolutely essential. With that said, what is actually happening here? Did the Steve Austin look alike just deliver his female passenger a drug? Is he so boring that she fell asleep talking to him? I just don’t see a story set up or hot chemistry.

Inexperienced but ambitious photo journalist Madge gets an opportunity to work with the brilliant but misunderstood artistic genius, Seton. (I think our author needs to come up with better names for these two.) Madge is thrilled to be able to soak up some of Seton’s magical brilliance. Seton, naturally, is a giant ass and really not interested in a mentoring relationship. Clearly, these two are destined to be together.


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  1. Ah yes, an egotistical, condescending older man – that’s super hot. The cover had me confused too. Are they in a country where cars have their steering wheel on the other side? Is he telling her to wake up and get off his shoulder? Eyes on the road, dude! Plus, the colors are atrocious.

    1. Mills & Boon is the British version of Harlequin. I think that Harlequin owns M&B now, but I’m not sure if that was always true or if they started as two different companies.

  2. For anyone of a certain age, the name “Madge” brings back memories of dishwashing soap commercials. “You’re soaking in it!”

  3. I’m cracking up at romance novel characters named Madge and Seton. Those names combined with the cover makes me think this novel would be about as spicy as wallpaper paste.

  4. Does the author really not know that photojournalist and filmmaker are two entirely different careers? It’s like saying that she loved a piece of cake so much that she was inspired to open a barbecue joint.

    …Now I want cake and barbecue. Thanks a lot, Mills & Boon!

  5. Is he really autistic in the book or just difficult? If autistic, I suspect they didn’t actually know what that is like but used it as a convenient explanation for the character.

  6. Mills & Boon is a British publisher so the cover art would have the driver on the opposite side. Also, the company has a reputation of being a bit ‘over the top’. Names like Madge and Seton would be right up their alley.

    I know some people who like Mills & Boon romance novels for the sheer silliness of the things.

  7. Did they have a rule that all the men had to be controlling and emotionally abusive and all the women weak and vulnerable, or did authors just prefer those dynamics?

  8. Typical “man is cold, arrogant and uninterested so woman immediately falls in love” plot.

  9. “Seton Chambers” sounds like the SRO buildings for seedy men that we used to have in Boston. Maybe still do. Just bedchambers with a bathroom down the hall.

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