Friday Fiction: Wife Made To Measure

Wife Made To MeasureWife Made To Measure

This is really one of the more pathetic story lines in almost any romance I have ever read. Helen, a young Englishwoman has a loser step brother who just can’t seem to keep a job. He gets fired from a crabby Scottish noble with a limp. The story is that the limp is the result of a curse and he has sworn off marriage because he might pass this on to an heir. But wait, Helen is furious because this crazy Scot has fired her brother so she vows revenge! Those English! Those Scots! Yes, eventually they get together.  I am quite sure no one saw this coming at all!


wife made1


  1. The “woman is forced into marriage” story line seems to have been creepily common back in the day …

  2. Good grief, those sample pages sound like something out of a self-help book about recovering from domestic violence, not a romance. I always thought of romances as silly but totally harmless, but clearly they used to have some very disturbing subtexts. (I’m sure the modern ones don’t.)

  3. Yet another romance novel that could do with a few assault charges against the “hero”.

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