Friday Fiction: White Squaw

White Squaw coverWhite Squaw: Hot Pursuit

Submitter: This is not a library book, but someone put it in the book drop. wow. Is this a series? Are there White Squaw books 1-17? Wasn’t 1989 a little late for this kind of racism? Thanks for the donation, kind library patron, but I think this will end up at the friends of the library book sale!

Holly: Good call on your part, but sadly it exists in a number of other libraries around the country. And yes, there is a whole series of White Squaw books including Sioux WildfireBoomtown Bust, and my personal favorites Virgin Territory, Virgin  Buckskin Bombshell, and Red Top Tramp.

White Squaw back cover

White Squaw Rampage



  1. Oh, my. Why didn’t the author just throw in a free copy of Custer’s Revenge for the Atari 2600 while they were at it?

  2. I have the weirdest feeling I read one of the books in this series as a kid. But because I can’t find a synopsis anywhere I can’t be sure.

    Where we go to fish since I was a kid there’s a general store and the old owners used to have a free library in the corner. Books various people have donated or left behind of all sorts. Most trashy fiction of this nature. I vaguely remember one set in the south pre-civil war about a black man who owned slaves who fell in love with a white northern woman and the book ends with them both fighting a bunch of racists who want to kill them both. Can’t remember the title or the names of the characters. Just scenes like that and the unsatisfying ending.

    But that gives you an idea of the kind of books fishers and campers leave behind.

      1. The thing is, I think I got one of the books from this series from that same free library.

        As a kid I’d read anything I could get my hands on and other than telling me what some of the words meant, my parents didn’t object.

  3. This looks like the same kind of thing as the Nick Carter and Babysitter’s Club books; a group of authors cranking out work and publishing it under a house name.

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