Friday Fiction: When Sparks Fly

When Sparks Fly coverWhen Sparks Fly
Submitter: This book was donated to the library “to add to the collection” YESTERDAY. Two things – OK three things – that just aren’t right about this book (in no particular order):
-that this “woman in a man’s workplace” depiction was published only 2 YEARS before the Dawn of the 21st Century
-a “tender moment” in… firefighting gear… which weighs… maybe 30 pounds?
-the look on that dog’s face: where is this threesome going?
Holly: Yeah, they’re getting all cozy in those giant coats, aren’t they? She’s also wearing a lot of makeup. Girl needs to look her best when fighting fires, I guess. The firehouse dalmatian (cliche or classic?) totally approves. The absolute best thing about this book is the one-liner at the bottom of the back cover: “There are so many sparks flying between them, they’re in real danger of starting a fire on their own.”

When Sparks Fly back cover

When Sparks Fly excerpt


  1. Submitter, thanks a lot for making me lose my appetite! This book is awful enough without the implied bestiality comment!

    That being said, this book is awful enough on its own to make me want to use it for kindling.

  2. “Good choice, Tess, using Urban Decay Vice Lipstick. And we can both use FreshFace Instant Glow Luminizer to show that we’ve actually been helping to stop that awful arsonist.”
    “Get any closer to my hyoid bone, Ray, and Sparky here will have you singing Great Balls of Fire.”

  3. I’ll bet pretty soon no one will be able to show affection to an animal in public without people jumping to the conclusion that they sleep with them.

  4. Everybody knows that REAL firefighters wear canvas pants with suspenders over their shirtless chests and tuck the puppy into the waist. They don’t have to wax; they just singe the hair off. And that’s why Burt Reynolds would never have made it as a firefighter: he’d have been a conflagration all on his own. More of a furfighter, I guess.

    Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the free association route.

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