Friday Fiction: Was it something I said?

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Was it something I said?

Today we have another special teen title straight from the 1980s. 16 year old Bonnie is short. In addition, she was just dumped by her boyfriend saying she just looked too young. Evidently, boyfriend got embarrassed because the last time they went to the movies, the cashier asked if he wanted to buy her a child’s ticket.

Meanwhile, everyone at school is getting excited for the school fair and the fortune teller in the Oracle of Delphi booth. Bonnie’s BFF, Anne, was scheduled to do the bit as the fortune teller but ended up being sick. She asked Bonnie to cover. No one knew that Bonnie was covering and the fortunes she told took on a life of their own. All sorts of drama ensues as cute next door neighbor boy, Mitch gets obsessed with his fake fortune about Bonnie. Anne runs for school council president, a boy named Carson enters the picture, and her family adopts a dog. It’s non stop action from cover to cover.

This is really dated, but it actually was kind of cute. The plot is clever and Bonnie starts to figure out that she needs to accept herself the way she is.


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  1. This sounds like a lot better book than last week’s Friday fiction!

    A cute book for teen girls about boys and fortunes sounds better than a depressing, dated treatise on scoliosis.

  2. I absolutely adored this book as a kid. I’ve been trying to find the title again for years and had just identified the title about a month ago, so it’s strange to see it pop up here after I spent so long trying to locate it.

  3. I really hope Lucy is a parrot, and not her sister. I suspect so, since being short would be the least of her boy problems if someone who lived with her acted like that.

  4. The title is making me think of “Gloria” by Laura Branigan. And I would _so_ read this book because it sounds great although I overlap none of its target demographic.

  5. Heh, my wife is 4’9”. We met in high school, and now, almost 30 years later, we get mistaken for father/daughter!

    She didn’t appreciate looking 12 when she was 18, but she sure does now since she can pass for 30 well into her 40’s.

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