Friday Fiction – The Town is On Fire

The Town is On Fire cover
The Town is On Fire

Submitter: This is from the 70’s. I just thought it was a rather stunning picture. It looks like Mark Hamill and Mick Jagger and I don’t even know who that scary guy in the back is? According to the book flap they’re supposed to be teenagers and one of them is supposed to be a girl. And they’re solving a mystery of who is causing mining accidents in their town, rather than surviving a dystopia?

Holly: Wow, that cover is something else! I guess that’s the girl in the back. She seems a little happier about the situation than the fellas do. They all kind of look like zombies, though, so who knows? Worldcat says it’s a book about burning underground coalfields in Pennsylvania and some murders that these high school kids get involved in trying to solve. Good luck, kids!



  1. Owch that is a hideous painting style. My first thought on seeing it was, oddly, Logan’s Run.

  2. Well, burning underground coalfields is a thing. Are we specifically here?,_Pennsylvania
    On fire since 1962. Apparently China claims to have coal seam fires already burning for centuries.

    The book cover looks specifically like Star Wars merchandise art that doesn’t really look like the actors, and not because some of them didn’t agree for their likeness to be used, which is also a thing. I have a Star Wars 6 mug where Luke Skywalker appears to be wearing lipstick.
    The art on my mug:

  3. Oh my god their FACES. That…person in the back looks like Garth from Wayne’s World 50 years later. Ugh.

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